Brest Cancer Awareness : 22 Oct – 26 Oct

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October 2017 is breast cancer awareness month, which aims to highlight the importance of research into the condition and fundraising to help make it happen.


The pink ribbon has been a symbol of breast cancer for over a decade, and is an international symbol of awareness. TCSI has taken a step forward to bring awareness to the students and staff.


Wear It Pink


On Sunday 22 October staff are invited to wear pink for a week to raise awareness of breast cancer.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Breast cancer awareness month 2017 began on Sunday 1 October and ends on Tuesday 31 October.


The worldwide annual campaign involves thousands of organisations and highlights the importance of breast awareness, education and research.


Charity Breast Cancer Now has an ambition that, by 2050, everyone with breast cancer will live.


Get Involved


To get involved in Wear It Pink, simply wear pink on the day and encourage classmates or colleagues to remind early detection can save you or your dear one’s life. You can also hold a Big Pink day in October to raise money for breast cancer.

Proud of our Year 11 students who came up with the idea of conducting a workshop for the female custodial staff and educated them about the #BreastCancer, it’s causes, prevention and treatment.




Symptoms of breast cancer


It’s important for women to remain aware of the appearance and feel of their breasts so they can know if any changes take place they should mention to their doctor.