UAE National Day Celebration 2014

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The celebration of the 43rd National Day of the UAE by the students was a true spectacle, with a kaleidoscope of performances conducted in the national language of the UAE (Arabic). The students participated wholeheartedly and commemorated the occasion with songs, dances and music.  The importance of this day was highlighted with an inter-house quiz


UAE National Day Celebration 2014 FS Section

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The tiny tots paid homage to the UAE, the home for many nationalities, by singing the national anthem and dressing in Emirati costumes.  A variety of activities including face painting, henna painting, camel and horse riding helped create an atmosphere of fun and laughter.  The Emirati parents brought in food and other cultural items which


Desert Safari Trip 2014

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Field Trips are the much awaited event of any school calendar.  This is because of the fun they bring, along with the real life learning experiences.  The Senior school of TCSI Dubai explored the beautiful desert of Dubai, with dune bashing and delicious barbequed Arabic food.   Events such as these are fun-filled, nostalgic experiences


Universal Children’s Day 2014

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Universal Children’s Day at TCSI, Dubai campus was celebrated with great style and energy on 20th  November. The whole event was effectively designed and supervised by the Vice Principal and  the Event Coordinator Ms Kisa, to ensure that the day truly conveyed the love of teachers at TCSI for the students entrusted to their care.


FS Children’s Day Celebration 2014

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The children themselves were celebrated on the 20th of November to help them understand how special and cherished they are – at home, at TCSI and in the world. The children enjoyed activities such as a magic show, face painting, singing and group dances.  

Little Chefs

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Learning  about ‘Fruits, Veggies and Plants’ became loads of fun as all the children turned into little chefs in class, making various fruit and veggie dishes such as salads, pastas, smoothies, sandwiches, burgers, and other savoury items.  On the same theme, they also learnt the importance of eating healthy food and visited Marmum Dairy Farm,


Trip to Istanbul, Turkey

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How does it feel to get an opportunity to visit the city of your dreams? That’s exactly what happened with me and my friends. I believe it’s a lifetime experience and offering an international trip is the best any school can do.   The week was incredible with a chain of events that happened as


Colours of Life

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A different day was dedicated to every colour to familiarize the students with all the colours that surround them.  The students enjoyed all the activities such as painting, artwork etc which were specially designed to help them understand the theme.  

Learning is Fun…

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Tiny tots found warmth in their new second home, the TCSI campus, where they were greeted with love by their affectionate teachers and welcomed aboard for a journey of learning filled with fun.  

September – October 2014-2015 Highlights

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Learning beyond classrooms At TCSI we believe in teaching beyond the classroom. That is why we take every opportunity to find relevant places to visit so that the students can visualise their educational targets and learn about the wider world.   The Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilisation The History, Geography, Science and Islamic departments took