First Parent Teachers Meeting 2017

BY IN School Comments Off on First Parent Teachers Meeting 2017

The Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) was held on 14 & 15 November 2017 from 1 to 3.30 pm.  We highly appreciate the parents who found time to attend school meeting with teachers to discuss their children’s progress and setbacks.


The PTM is essential for a healthy and supportive home-school partnership. We believed that support of parents is key in enabling children to progress at school, especially when challenges are shared with parents. The meeting provided parents with an opportunity to hear first-hand the teacher’s observations and view evidence regarding progress being made throughout the term. Topics discussed include student behavior, student progress, strengths, weaknesses and strategies for parental support at home.


There have been instances where students with learning difficulties have been identified through careful monitoring by the teachers and the parents were made aware of the same so that appropriate measures can be taken to help the child. Sometimes a child has certain behavioral issues and talking to the parents about it helps to understand any underlying causes. The key is to work as a team for the holistic well-being of the child.


We value the insight of parents in making us aware of anything which might adversely affect a child and can take steps to support children at school.