46th National Day Celebrations

46th National Day Celebrations

The 46th UAE National day Celebration stared on on 28th of November when the students of the FS2 and Primary section dressed up in UAE flag colours and lined up for the Flag formation.

On the 29th of November, the School was decorated for the celebrations. In the FS2 section and Primary section, the students participated in the decoration process by displaying the art work they have prepared for that day.

The celebration started early in the morning where every junior student were given a UAE flag or a balloon. Students lined up for the National Anthem morning assembly, and waving the flags. The assembly was conducted in Arabic, with a message on the National Day and with children singing Arabic songs. The students clapped and swayed to the music, waving the flag and saluting the UAE. All members of the School were dressed in the traditional Arab attire or dresses portraying the colours of the UAE flag.

The excitement was not only limited at the assembly but was also transferred to discussions and conversations within the classrooms. The teaching and drilling on that day was focused on UAE related topics, Writing Activity on ”UAE – Then and Now” and lot more other activities. During the break time the students had their faces painted with the colours of the UAE flag and national songs were played throughout the break. Admins, Teachers, class assistants, and senior students all participated in helping with the face painting activity, henna design, traditional food distribution, national dance and holding Falcon, the national bird.

The celebrations certainly had instilled the importance of respecting the nation and its culture along with our Emirati students.