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The City School International

The City School was established in 1978 and the years of experience show – in our expertise, in our commitment, and in our quality. We have moved with the times, but we have not lost sight of our values and traditions. At The City School, we genuinely believe in educating ‘the whole child’ so we provide our students with every opportunity to discover and build upon their strengths. We also expect them to face up to the challenges of an economically globalised and socially changing world – one in which they will have to take their place as independent, responsible citizens.

Our commitment to providing consistently high quality, accessible education underpins everything we do. We support and encourage high academic achievement, but we also recognise that individual students have different learning needs. We guide our students through Early Years Education all the way to the Cambridge International Examinations. Our preparation supports them throughout their lives, as students of the City School have the knowledge, understanding, skills and values necessary to prosper both in their future careers and in life. Along with academic rigour, our campuses broaden horizons with an enrichment programme that engenders social awareness, responsibility, innovation and creativity in equal measure.

The City School International now has schools in the UAE, the Philippines, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Its future plans include the establishment of further schools in the Arab states, South East Asia, and Africa.

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Principals Message

Dr Frank Roman Fernandes

It is my pleasure to welcome you to The City School International, Dubai. The students and staff of the School hope you find the information on our website informative and useful. The School, formed in 2006, offers the British National Curriculum from Foundation Stage to IGCSE. We are proud that the academic achievements of our students, particularly at IGCSE level, match with our goal of academic excellence. Our philosophy of continuous development embedded within a culture of professionalism enables all our students to succeed.

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