With the implementation of the British National Curriculum for English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Computing from KS1 to KS3 followed by the Cambridge Curriculum in KS4, graduates from The City School International secure places in top universities worldwide. Our students, according to the Cambridge International Examinations annual results analysis, are amongst the high achievers in the city and in some cases in the world. The curriculum bolsters curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity and thus ensuring our students meet the challenges of tomorrow. The academic and non-academic curricula ensure that when children pass out from The City School International, they have the ability to make significant contributions to the society.

The City School International offers a variety of subject combinations and revises them in accordance with the cumulative experience of its teachers and students. Teacher selection is done on the basis of their experience as curriculum developers and syllabus writers. In addition, curriculum consultants from the UK are appointed on a regular basis to assist The City School teachers in revising their curriculum and syllabus.

At The City School International, we aim to provide quality education to our students. The City School has consistently maintained its high standards and is viewed as an institution par excellence. The implementation and maintenance of rigorous standards in the academic and administrative spheres give The City School a well-deserved reputation for quality in education that enables it to compete with the best Schools in the UAE.

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