Pi Day – Math Week

Math Week & Pi Day

Math week was organized in The City School International Dubai from 10th to 15th March. It was a fantastic opportunity for students to engage in math activities, which they may not normally get a chance to experience in a normal lesson.

Over the course of the week, the whole school participated in different Maths activities designed to challenge their thinking and develop their Maths problem-solving skills. These activities included:

  • – Learning about the math facts each year group has focus area, such as addition and subtraction for Year 1 and 2, multiplication and division for Year 3 and 4, geometrical facts for Year 5 and 6, Circles for Year 7 and 8 and for Year 9 & 10 focus was algebra.
  • – Interclass mental math quiz
  • – Art and design (Poster making & designing Maths boards)
  • – Morning assemblies
  • – Online learning through games, riddles, puzzles, and rhymes
  • – The final round of math quiz
  • – Pi day celebrations on 14th March.
  • – Senior students showcased their interest by creating class magazines, math dictionary etc.
  • – The aim of organizing this week was to enhance student’s interest in math and strengthen their learning through fun. Finally, the students were awarded certificates of recognition for their invaluable efforts during the week.

Students were highly engaged in this week’s activities. They expressed their creativity and ideas through assembly presentation and artwork. Primary student celebrated Pi day by eating Pie food whereas upper primary students explored the Pi through different online activities.


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