In today’s’ technology-driven world, it’s very important to prepare students for the future. Introducing robotics in schools can increase students’ ability to be creative and innovative thinkers. By teaching our students the basics of robotics, we can open a whole new world to them and exciting opportunities that they wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

At present STEAM field and Robotics are the fastest growing careers and in the future majority of jobs will be reserved for applicants with strong STEAM skills and robotics knowledge, in order to give awareness to our students a STEAM – ROBOTICS workshop was conducted in the school on 21st Feb 2018 where more than 30 students participated.

The Innovation Club of the school with the joint collaboration with Al Razihi Group (RoboTami Middle East, Africa and Pakistan) organized STEAM-Robotics training for the students to enhance their STEAM skills with computer programming. The Robotics training sharpened the skills of students on innovation and entrepreneurship and will also enhance their professional capabilities on technology education.
In Robotic workshop, students designed Robotic Windmill with different levels of operations and learned how to program a Robot to perform different tasks.

In this workshop students not only learned building Robots but it also helped them increasing creativity, mathematics skills, communication skills, strategic and goal-oriented thinking. It built the student’s ability to think through the problems strategically with a focus on logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, and the critical thinking, This ability is required not only in the critical science fields, but a lot other professional areas as well.


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