Scientific Writing at TCSI

Scientific Writing at TCSI

To enhance students critical thinking, research, and creative skills, Science Department conducted a poster competition for Year 1-3 and article writing for year 4-11 on Sunday, September 29th, 2019. Both primary and secondary departments took part in the competition. Each class was assigned a different topic. Year 1-3 students had to design a poster for the following scientific topic:
Year 1: One day in the forest
Year 2: Picnic with friends at the moon
Year 3: Threats to ocean life

The primary students made creative posters by visually explaining the scientific message behind their assigned topics. Year 4 onwards wrote different articles on different topics. In the science lessons, students were allotted half an hour to put their ideas together. It was a great opportunity for the students to enhance their scientific vocabulary and to explore the following topics in-depth:

Year 4: Living with robots (pros and cons).
Year 5: Life on Mars, ‘Problems and possibilities’.
Year 6: Impact of global warming on human health.
Year 7: A day without gravity.
Year 8: How a driverless car will change the way we live.
Year 9: Amazon fire, the threats on the ecosystem.
Year 10: Is organic farming the future of agriculture?
Year 11: The Journey of ‘Emirates Mars Mission’

Students were able to recognise the problems associated with the human effect on the environment and economy. They then came up with innovative ideas for the solution to these problems. On 16th October, students with the best ideas were rewarded with a certificate. It was a great experience for students to think out of the box and bring their ideas to light.


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