The Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon


Bill Buffum once said, “The marathon is not really about the marathon, it’s about the shared struggle. ”


The Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon is an annual marathon running race held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


The race is held in January each year, and on the vivid day of 25th of January, the Grade 10, as well as Grade 11 students of The City School International, were fortunate to present their services of great finesse. The students were provided a uniform which included a shirt, a rain-proof jacket, and a hat, belonging to the brand Adidas.


This day inaugurated at 5 a. m. for the students as they gathered in school, pursuing the habit of punctuality. They were taken to the respective road, and then the students assembled water bottles on their stalls, pinpointing the need to remain orderly and organised.


The Grade 10 and 11, as well as the teachers who came along, provided water to the 1,824 participants, standing and working hard for hours. The students developed a sense of patience and submissiveness, while also experiencing a marathon first-hand. Next time, TCSI plans to have some students take part in the marathon, as now the students are aware of how it operates.


This was a remarkable experience provided for the students by the school, and the students remained steadfast in their hard work. This trip was proven successful.


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