Visit to Seniors Citizen Happiness Centre

Visit to the Seniors Citizen Happiness Centre

On November 6th, the students from TCSI visited the Dubai Seniors Citizen Happiness Centre. The students got an opportunity to meet and greet the senior citizens of Dubai and get to know about their living conditions and the hardships they went through.

The Humanities Department took the initiative of taking students to the senior citizens to show them love and appreciation for all the troubles they faced in life. It was an eye-opening and emotional experience. The students realised their responsibilities as members of society.
The students also presented the senior citizens with food and beverages and listened to their heartwarming stories and embraced them by hugging them and sharing their love. Some of the seniors were only there for a few hours for the purpose of socializing and mingling, whereas, others lived there for 24 hours of medical care and attention.
All in all, this experience was essential for every student to understand their position in society.


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