Privacy Policy

The City School International is part of the International Schools Partnership (International Schools Partnership Limited and its subsidiaries being “we”, “us” or “ISP”).

ISP makes sure your privacy is protected and respected. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy (the “Policy“), ISP controls data which means that we hold full responsibility to decide how your personal data about you is used.

This Policy gives a guideline why your personal data is collected and how it is used according to applicable local data privacy laws, including where applicable the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Have any queries about this Policy or related to your personal data, please contact

What type of personal information we collect

The type and amount of information depends on why it is being provided. The information we collect when an enquiry is made and it includes:-

  • First name;
  • Last name;
  • Job title;
  • Gender;
  • Date of birth;
  • Email (for login);
  • Address (including billing address);
  • Postcode; and
  • Geographical -location data (your geographical location based on your IP address).

If you are a employment candidate, the information you are asked to give is as set out in the application and required for the reasons of considering the application.

How we collect information

We may gather information from you every time you contact us or have any involvement with us for example when you:

  • Visit our website;
  • Enquire about our activities or services;
  • Create or update a profile;
  • Post content onto our website/social media sites;
  • Sign up to receive news updates about our activities;
  • Attend a meeting with us and share us with information;
  • Take part in our events; or
  • Contact us in any way including online email, SMS, phone, social media, or any post.

Where we collect information from

We collect information:

(1) If you notify us directly: You can pass your data when requesting information, attending our event, or contacting us for other reasons. Your information may be used by other organizations with which we are affiliated. However, this responsibility lies with our commitment.

(2) When you give it indirectly: Other organizations may share your information with us. They should only do so if they have already mentioned it in their privacy policy. When sharing your details you should check it out.

(3) When you have given other organizations permission to share it: Your information may be shared with us by other organizations if they have given your permission.

(4) When using our website: your information stored while using our website.

(5) If your information is available on social networks: This mainly depends on your privacy settings or the privacy policies of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Authorization to access your information can be given by you for these accounts or services.

How we use your information

We will use your personal data in a variety of ways as described below. These may include The City School International and members of a large group of ISPs (some of whom are based outside the UAE):

  • Furnishing you with the information or services you have requested;
  • Sending you communications with your consent that may be of interest to you, including marketing information about our services and activities;
  • Fulfilling your obligations under any contract between us;
  • Soliciting your opinion on the services or activities to make improvements;
  • Maintaining our organizational records and making sure we your contact preference;
  • Analyzing how our website works after checking your website behavior so that we can make improvement in our website and its usability;  and processing job applications.

Use of Collected Data

Your data may be used for research purposes without restriction to monitor parent traffic patterns, use of the Site and Services and related information to optimize user use of the Site and Services.

We may do this because the resulting data will not personally identify you and will therefore no longer constitute “personal data” for the purposes of applicable data protection laws.

Our legal basis for processing your information

We will use your personal data when the law allows us to in the following circumstances:

  • When you have provided us with information for the purpose of requesting information or asking to provide a service for you. You can withdraw consent at any time by emailing us at This will not affect the legitimacy of the processing of your information before consent is received and action is taken. If you are under 18 years of age, we must obtain the explicit consent of your parents or legal guardian if we are processing your personal data on our website;
  • Your information must be retained and used so that we can fulfill our obligations under the agreement;
  • We must comply with our legal obligations.

If you want to contact us about your marketing preferences please contact

How we keep your information safe

We know how important it is to protect your personal data and take appropriate steps to protect it. We always make sure that only authorized people have access to your information. That is, only our employees. Absolute security is not guaranteed when sending data over the Internet. We strive to protect your information, but we cannot guarantee the security of the information you provide online and you do so at your own risk.

Who has access to your information?

  • Third parties provide services to us. We choose our third party service providers carefully. We provide these third parties with the information they need to provide the service and we have an agreement that should look at data security as much as we do.
  • Third parties in connection with the restructuring of our operations. In such a case, we will take steps to ensure that your privacy rights are protected by third parties.
  • We will tell you how your data is used when you register for the program.
  • Analytics and search engine providers help improve our website and its use.

For financial or technical reasons, the information you provide to us may be transferred to countries outside the United Arab Emirates that are not governed by the same data protection rules as those applicable in the United Arab Emirates. We comply with our obligations under applicable data privacy laws by ensuring that information has the same protection as in the United Arab Emirates. We do this by entering into a Data Processing Agreement and ensuring that appropriate safeguards are placed with any third parties that receive and process your personal data outside of the United Arab Emirates.

As mentioned above, the City School International is part of the ISP.  The City School International may share your personal data with other family members of internet service providers (including transfers of data outside of the United Arab Emirates, for example to Europe) and who you can in any case contact or share information with in order to pursue our legitimate interests . Each of these Company-affiliated Internet Service Providers (ISP) may only use your information in accordance with the terms of this policy.

If we are required to do so under a legal obligation and may use external data for the purposes of preventing fraud, or where doing so infringes your rights, the data can be disclosed in the public interest, but other than this, we will not share your information with other organizations without your consent.

Keeping your information up to date

Please inform us if your contact details change. You can do so by contacting us at


In addition to the information you provide us, information and data may be collected automatically through the use of cookies. Cookies are small text files that serve to identify re-users on our website (“Site”) and allow us to compile behavior and aggregate data to help you improve the site. ? For example, cookies tell us whether you visited the site by voice or with the text of your last visit. Cookies also allow us to count the number of unique and returning visitors to our site. Some of our affiliates may use cookies on their websites. If this happens, we have no access or control over these cookies.

Certain laws state that we can store cookies on your machine if they are essential to the operation of the Site, but that for all others we need your permission to do so.

The below list explains the cookies we use and why:

Cookie Description Name Purpose
Google Analytics _ga Used to distinguish users
Google Analytics _gid Used to distinguish users
Google Analytics _gat Used to throttle request rate
CloudFlare _cfduid Identify specific clients behind a shared IP address and apply security settings on a per-client basis.

This cookie is strictly required for Cloudflare’s security features and cannot be turned off.

addThis _atuvc enable visitors to share content with a range of networking and sharing platforms. It stores an updated page share count.
addThis _atuvs enable visitors to share content with a range of networking and sharing platforms. It stores an updated page share count.[PF5]

Opting out of cookies

If you do not desire to run cookies from us or other websites, you should deactivate them. Ultimately, we are not liable for any malfunction in your system.

How long we keep your information for

Your personal data will be kept with us as long as it is required.

If we rely on your consent to contact you for direct marketing purposes, we will only treat your consent as long as appropriate. This is usually for two (2) years. We request you to give your consent again at regular intervals. If you ask us to stop contacting you with marketing materials, we will retain your contact details and limited information to ensure that we can consider your request.

Your rights

Under some circumstances, you may have the right to:

  • Ask for detailed information about the processing operations to be performed with your personal data by requesting thematic access, which must be made in writing. If you are interested in more information about making a request and compliance, it can be found in our Data Protection Policy. To make a request, contact us at
  • Ask for a correction of incorrect or outdated information; the right to delete or request deletion of your information if the purpose for which such personal data was processed no longer exists or if we have no reason to store the personal data;
  • Object to how your information is processed if it is not necessary for the purposes for which it was collected, or if such processing is discriminatory, prejudicial or in violation of the law; and
  • Withdraw your consent that you have previously given us to the processing of your personal data

All these rights are subject to certain guarantees and limitations or exemptions, more details of which can be found in our Data Protection Policy.

Surveys and user groups

We always aim to improve the services. As a result, we sometimes request our parents to help with the survey. Participation in the survey is voluntary and you do not need to complete any survey. If you choose to do so, we will treat all other parent information with the same level of care as the information you provide.

Changes to this Policy

This policy may be subject to changes whenever required. If we make any changes, we may post them on our site or contact you directly with relevant information. Please do not forget to check this page regularly.

This Policy was last updated in June 2021.

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